Help Pleas, I am new and its urgent

I bought a $ 25 Amazon card and I want to convert it into Paypal money or Airtm dollars to convert it into PayPal balance.
I am very involved with the interface and if you can explain it to me you would help me a lot.


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    Hi @AdamSmith to convert a $ 25 amazon gift card to AirTMUSD, you must follow these steps:
    1.-First of all you must access the settings in your personal AirTM account and register your Amazon account as payment method, you only place where it says add payment method and click on it, then you place yourself where it says gift card and select the Amazon option, redirecting you to several Amazon options, from which you must choose the one that corresponds to your "personal" account of Amazon whether AmazonUSA, Amazon UK or other Amazon there you will place the mail with which you opened your Amazon account ... remember that This must be the same as the email in your Airtm account.
    2.-Once you have registered as an Amazon payment method in your personal AirTM account by following the aforementioned tips, you can proceed to carry out a Funding operation ... You go to the upper left of your AirTM interface and click where he says anchor / withdraw
    3.-Then you check where it says what do you want to do? that the field that says to fund is in blue, and then you go down to where Amazon says (this should appear if you registered as a payment method an Amazon personal account on AirTM)
    4.-Clicking on it directs you to an interface where practically everything is intuitive, there you place the amount of funds to send (balance of your Amazon gift card) ... and you will be presented the funds to receive ...
    For more information on the AirTM interface you can take a look through the following portal with explanatory videos
    I hope these tips will be useful for more information you can go through the help center, which has articles of interest:

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